The hospitality industry has undergone a seismic transformation since 2020. This period of change is set to continue through 2022 and 2023, with shifts in demographics and technology, and the post-pandemic transition to a new normal all playing decisive roles. As a hotel management company with clients around the world, […]

In this weblog, we have outlined the most up-to-date resort technological know-how tendencies that are likely to just take the hospitality business by storm in 2023. Irrespective of no matter whether your resort chooses to carry out these technologies or not, you can be absolutely sure that numerous (if not […]

The vacation fans of currently are much more connected and knowledgeable than at any time. Vacation traits have usually morphed and changed with societal trends. Nevertheless, with the invention of the Internet, traveler dreams now evolve much much more swiftly. Now that possible company can obtain hundreds of hotels with […]