Lake Tahoe is a longtime favorite destination for Californians and beyond. Known for its deep blue to turquoise waters and scenic mountain peaks, Tahoe makes outdoorsy travelers giddy to visit. How do you decide where to stay, though? After all, gigantic ski resorts and chain hotels aren’t for everyone, and […]

Finding accommodation can be a challenge for first-time visitors to Tulum. It can be tough to choose what area to stay in, and the big resorts here can be overwhelming. I love boutique hotels because they offer a more personal experience, with staff that genuinely want to take care of […]

Book here. 4. Agate Cove Inn Nestled on the coast is Agate Cove Inn, a charming B&B that goes above and beyond with its spectacular views, delicious two-course breakfast, and superb hospitality. The property’s main building features a terrace where one can relax and enjoy the ocean vista while having […]

Las Vegas, Nevada should be one of your next destinations, and checking out the best Las Vegas hotels in downtown should be your top priority. It can be a week-long vacation with family or a weekend escapade with friends. There’s always something for everyone in Las Vegas. If you want […]