It is a well-known fact that hoteliers nowadays secure a large percentage of their overall bookings through the online ecosystem. And there’s no hiding that Online Travel Agents (OTAs) are a major source for optimizing their online booking flow. It is observed that OTAs control approximately 2/3rd of all online […]

Latest next-quarter earnings reviews from the key lodging organizations details to a sustained recovery inside of the global hotel business. They reported drastically enhanced success about the initially quarter of 2022, with lots of profitability metrics outpacing those people in 2019.

Find inspiration in the art and wine of Concord and Contra Costa County, California. Travel along the Contra Costa Wine Trail for the best of both worlds. Art and wine connect me to the places I travel to; each establishes harmony and balance in its surroundings. Local art, especially murals, […]

When it comes to Glamping in Yorkshire – this wondrous destination does not hold back— in fact, I’d argue it’s one of the best destinations in the UK for unique and incredible glamping experiences!  Yorkshire is the place to go if you want to capture images of the charming cobblestone […]